FidelCity is a customer loyalty software, designed for small and medium businesses. The program is developed and marketed by us. With FidelCity, a merchant can learn about their customers’ buying habits, what to offer them, and how to communicate with them.

FidelCity is not a simple points system. With it, we can have all the customer information at our fingertips, in order to retain them and offer offers based on our preferences.

Advantages for customers:

  • Save money on their purchases
  • Individual discounts and benefits.
  • Gift cards.
  • Access to contests.

Advantages for stores / businesses:

  • Design your own loyalty plans and discounts.
  • Discounts affect your business and generate new purchases.
  • Gift cards to attract new customers.
  • Gather very valuable information from your customers, for future campaigns or business analysis.

Smart cards

Customers earn points for each purchase, accumulate or redeem them on future purchases. Possibility of using chip cards, proximity, barcode and key rings or NFC tags.

Gift cards

You can also offer gift cards to your customers loaded with a monetary amount. Thus, the client will be able to give it away to whoever they want so that they can use it in their business.

Web administration

The application is web, so you can manage your loyalty system from anywhere and with any device.