If you know the world of trading, you will know the potential of having the best and most advanced tools developed exclusively to fulfill the instructions that you want. If so, and you have in mind an idea that you consider viable to achieve profitability in the stock market, we remind you to contact us, we can help you create any robot or indicator you can imagine.

If you still do not know this world, we recommend that you read the brief tips that we leave you below and that you enter this fascinating and profitable world of finance. You won’t believe what good software can do for you.

Automatized trading & indicators

Not everyone knows what automated trading is, so we are going to briefly explain what it is so that you can understand the tremendous potential of the tools that we can develop for you in this field. For this, we also need to briefly explain what Forex is, and what is the Metatrader platform, for which we develop tools.

What is automated trading?

Automated trading and speaking in general terms, we could say that it would consist of programming a software with certain very specific instructions and that either our clients or we ourselves can advise and configure, so that when a specific security in the market meets those conditions that we we have indicated, do certain tasks. For example, we could have a buy order executed when the EURUSD is in an uptrend and a bullish divergence appears on the MACD indicator after a small downward correction (it may sound Chinese, but in such a case we could find a good opportunity shopping). This is what we might call a “robot” or an “expert advisor”.

What is an indicator?

In addition to these “robots”, we can also develop all kinds of indicators for our clients. Basically what these indicators do is use the variables that exist in the stock market, so that through complex formulas and quick calculations that a person will hardly be able to see in real time, they show us useful information, summarized, and in a way that making a trade manual helps us to operate in the stock market making more accurate decisions, thus increasing our chances of being successful with our operations.

What is Forex?

Forex is basically the foreign exchange market, the market for which we normally develop our software, intended for the metatrader 4 platform. For example, the EURUSD would be the value cross between the EURO and the DOLLAR. This market never closes on weekdays, only closes on weekends, and is by far the most liquid market there is, with little volatility. In addition, there are countless brokers and great competition among them, offering users more than competitive commissions and margins. For all these reasons, FOREX becomes a very attractive scenario for traders. If to all this we add automated trading and the ability to develop all kinds of indicators, it is a very interesting world to enter.

What is meta trader?

Metatrader is the platform by excellence where we have total freedom to operate with any broker, in any market, and where thanks to its own MQL4/MQL5 language we can develop any type of tool. It offers brutally fast response times, a great community behind it, and decades of work and evolution of the platform that guarantee it. This is why almost the vast majority of traders who operate in FOREX choose metatrader.