According to the rules of Magnate, the player that roles the highest total on both dice goes first, and the rest of the players turns will be determined by his dices points, in descendant order.

When it’s your turn, you have to do this phases:

1) Roll the dice. Automatically your pawn will move the number of squares indicated. If you throw doubles, you take another turn after your turn is completed. Each time you pass ‘Start’, you will collect $200 from the Bank.

2) Buy properties. You may buy any property from the Bank that you land on if it is not already owned. If you do not purchase the property, the Banker auctions the property to the highest bidder.

Some people chose not to use auctions, only allowing properties to be purchased as they are landed on.

3) Building. You may only build when you own all properties in a color group. Building must be equal on all properties in a group. You may place a single building on a single property, but you may not place two buildings on one property unless all other properties in the group have one building present (even build rule). Any property can have a total of 4 houses, except Utilities and Railroads, which cannot have buildings inside. To place a hotel on a property, 4 houses must be present on all properties in the group. Houses are removed from the property when a hotel is placed. All buildings are purchased from the Bank.

4) Complete necessary actions. Pay rent as determined by the Title Deed for the property you are on. Pay Income Tax to the Bank if you landed on this type of square. Draw a Community Chest or Chance card and follow the instructions. These cards are assigned totally randomly. This phase depends on the square that you have landed.

Going to Jail

In the rules of Magnate, there are 3 ways to be sent to Jail:

1) Land on a space marked «Go to Jail»
2) Draw a card marked «Go to Jail»
3) Roll doubles three times in a row

There are 4 ways to get out of «Jail»

1) Pay the $50 fine before rolling the dice
2) Use a «Get Out Of Jail Free Card» before rolling the dice
3) Roll doubles
4) After the 3rd failed attempt to roll doubles, you must pay the $50 fine and leave jail

When you get out of Jail, move the number of spaces indicated by the dice. Even while in Jail, you may buy and sell property and collect any rent owed to you. You are not sent to Jail if you land on the Jail square during normal game play, and you do not incur a fine.

Money to Pay Rent, etc

The rules of Magnate state, if you do not have enough money to pay Rent or other obligations during your turn, you may chose to sell houses, hotels, or property. Buildings may be sold to the Bank for one-half of the purchase price. Buildings may not be sold to other players. Unimproved properties (including railroad and utilities) can be sold to any player for any amount.

Unimproved properties can also be mortgaged to the Bank for the value mortgage value printed on the Title Deed. No rent is collected on mortgaged properties. To lift a mortgage, the player must pay the Bank the mortgage amount plus 10% interest. Players retain possession of mortgaged properties. If that player chooses, he or she may sell the mortgaged property to another player for any price. The property would remain mortgaged, and the new owner would have to pay the Bank the same mortgage + 10% to lift the mortgage.

Winning the Game

You may chose to end the game at any time and tally the total worth of each player (including buildings and all property worth). You may also chose to play until all but one player has been declared Bankrupt. Bankruptcy occurs when a player owes more than he or she can pay. You must turn over all that you have including money and Title Deeds to the Bank or another player, depending on who the current debt is owed to. Any player who has declared Bankruptcy is no longer part of the game. According to the rules of Magnate, the last player in the game, or the player with the most money, wins.